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DAD delivers vegan meals by bike for under £5, with just one menu option a day

Launched during the pandemic, DAD offers vegan lunches for GBP 4.85, including delivery, to customers in Central, North and East London. All meals come in compostable packaging and are delivered by bicycle. DAD also eliminates decision fatigue; there's a new menu every day, but no choice in dishes.

Customers order through the food company's app, where they can view meals for the next few weeks and order in advance. Most consist of 2 or 3 small dishes: jerk eggplant with rice and peas, for example, or a butternut and mushroom risotto with a small salad. Everything is gluten-free in addition to being vegan, and the app lists ingredients for every item.

Trend Bite

DAD's utterly simple proposition helps it stand out from the overwhelming amount of choice offered by most food delivery apps. For consumers, there's comfort in just accepting what's on offer. Showing meals a few weeks ahead of time is a smart move — it provides a sense of variety, and if people don't like what Friday has to offer, they might enjoy Tuesday's lunch.

The lack of options also makes it easier on DAD. Having one daily dish to prepare means its kitchen can operate more efficiently, with less waste and lower costs, allowing the food startup to offer lunch and delivery for under GBP 5. Time to consider which of your products or services could do with a minimalist makeover?