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At Philadelphia's pop-up restaurant, diners order feelings instead of food

Cream cheese maker Philadelphia is temporarily branching out into the restaurant business with a pop-up restaurant in New York City dubbed Feeladelphia. The dishes dreamt up by chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabián Von Hauske Valtierra obviously feature cream cheese, but they're also steeped in feelings. Each one is centered around a different emotion, including allure, curiosity and spontaneity.

The Kraft Heinz brand says that "diners will be taken on a sensorial and experiential journey of cream cheese-infused dishes curated just for this event. Guests will explore, taste, and discover a range of feelings with each new dish, as they are fully immersed with captivating visuals, stimulating sounds and sensorial surprises to enhance each feeling."

Feeladelphia will be open from July 14–16, serving diners for USD 35 per person, with all proceeds going to charity. An accompanying cookbook includes edible pages, scents and 'curated sonic experiences' in addition to recipes; the book is selling for USD 50 to raise money for Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

Trend Bite

While news feeds and the general state of the world may induce anxiety, anger, grief and overwhelm, Philadelphia's pop-up is a hands-on reminder of all the other feels.

Following pandemic lockdowns, people are more open than ever to experiential forms of marketing. Which spells opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in person and on a deeper level, creating pockets of joy, awe, amusement, inspiration, gratitude... And maybe dive into some of the not-so-happy emotions, too.