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Disney donates USD 5 for every Avatar ocean dweller that fans create

Oceans produce more than half of the oxygen we breathe and provide us with food and livelihoods. They cover 70% of the planet and shelter vast biodiversity, but less than 8% of ocean area is protected. Leading up to the release of 'Avatar: The Way of Water' on 16 December 2022, Disney is launching a global awareness campaign to help protect ten ocean creatures and their habitats.

One element of the campaign is the Virtual Pandoran Ocean, a digital experience that invites kids (and adults) to create a unique, Avatar-inspired animal. After scanning a QR code, users select their creature's habitat, diet, feeding habits, shape and colors. Along the way, they can learn about fish and other inhabitants of underwater ecosystems.

For every creature created in the Virtual Pandoran Ocean, Disney will donate USD 5 to The Nature Conservancy, up to USD 1 million, to help fund the non-profit's goal of protecting 10% of the ocean by 2030. (The reported production budget for Avatar: The Way of Water is USD 250 million.)

Trend Bite

Disney's Virtual Pandoran Ocean activation isn't as immersive as it could be: there's no interaction with other ocean dwellers, and after building their creature, users can't do much else than watch it glide through its underwater habitat. But the miniverse provides a low-stakes and frictionless way to get consumers thinking and learning about ocean environments and the creatures that live there, along with the feel-good factor of helping support The Nature Conservancy.

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