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DIY retailer's app gives customized energy-saving tips based on uploaded photos of rooms

Dutch DIY retailer Praxis is leveraging artificial intelligence to guide its consumers toward greener living. The company just added a feature called 'Sustainability Check' to its free Praxis Plus app, aiming to simplify the process of making homes more energy-efficient. Users upload a single photo of a room and answer four contextual questions, such as the type of building they inhabit and how much work they're prepared to do.

Applying image recognition and AI algorithms, the app then offers tailored suggestions for energy-efficiency improvements, providing a comprehensive checklist and step-by-step action plan, complete with instructional videos. The app also generates a list of required tools and supplies, which can be purchased directly from Praxis. Additionally, tasks can be shared with partners or roommates to lighten the workload.

Simplicity is key, points out Miranda Smit, Marketing Director at Praxis: "We understand that our customers are looking for uncomplicated ways to make greener choices, and with this innovative feature we're giving them the tools to get started. Our goal is to show everyone that sustainable living is easier than they think."

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Faced with skyrocketing costs for gas and electricity last winter, a whopping 96% of Dutch households took at least one measure to lower their energy bills. Now, as temperatures drop and the price of natural gas is climbing, Praxis provides a hands-on tool that allows anyone to further reduce their energy consumption. 

While the app's initial hook is using AI to offer customized tips, Praxis follows through by streamlining the entire DIY process and serving up everything people need to act on the suggestions they've been given. Other brands looking to promote sustainability measures: how can you seamlessly combine tailor-made advice with practical, step-by-step plans that guide consumers from overwhelmed to empowered?

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Spotted by: Liesbeth den Toom