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Dove switches logo from gold to gray to protest ageism and sexism in the workplace

In an unexpected move by network executives, Canadian news host Lisa LaFlamme was recently removed from her role as chief anchor at CTV National News, one of Canada's leading evening broadcasts. The public's take? LaFlamme was dropped for going gray. The 58-year-old anchor stopped dyeing her hair during the pandemic, and many believe the network ended her contract because of her newly gray locks.

Dove Canada is responding by switching its familiar gold logo to gray on social media. It's encouraging people to edit their profile pictures to grayscale and mark their support with #KeepTheGrey. While the brand doesn't explicitly mention LaFlamme, it states: "Aging is beautiful. We should all be able to do it on our own terms, and without any consequences."

Additionally, Dove is donating CAD 100,000 to Catalyst, a Canadian nonprofit dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces for all women.