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Parisian drop-off shop Mökki removes all friction from reselling & donating clothing

"Death to trashing items!" That's the raison d'être of Mökki, which wants to make the process of selling, donating and recycling as simple as possible. The French startup operates storefront locations where anyone can drop by and drop off clean clothing they no longer want. They register with Mökki, which then combs through the items and sends the bringer an email listing which bucket each falls into: resale, donation or recycling. 

Resale is handled by third-party businesses that take a commission ranging from 20% to 80% of the selling price. Mökki tracks everything and communicates where items end up and how much CO2 is saved by disposing of them responsibly instead of throwing them in the trash. While the primary focus is on clothing, Mökki is expanding to other categories like toys and electronics. 

Mökki doesn't take a cut of sales. Instead, it's paid by building owners who want to provide a service that offers 'visible, measurable ESG impact' to end-users — the people who use those buildings, whether that's shoppers in a mall or workers in an office building. So far, two locations are in the La Défense business district, with a third in central Paris.

Trend Bite

According to a new report by BCG and Vestiaire Collective, the estimated value of the resale market for apparel, footwear and accessories tripled between 2020 and 2022. But not everyone has the time or inclination to list their unused items on resale platforms. Donation is another worthy option but requires an extra trip to a charity's potentially inconvenient location.

Mökki pares down the process, not just by the simple drop-off, but by locating itself in offices and other buildings that people regularly visit. Getting the consumer end of the circular economy to grow in reach and value will come down to removing friction, and opportunities abound for brands that can smooth the way.