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Dropped into regular tapwater, Plink's fizzy tablets are a low-waste alternative to bottled drinks

With the fizziness of tiny bath bombs, Plink's effervescent tablets are dropped into water to create flavorful drinks. As Plink puts it: "You bring the water, we bring the flavor." Selling a waterless product generates massive savings in shipping and packaging: according to Plink, its drink has a carbon impact that's 98% lower than canned and bottled beverages, and produces 99% less packaging waste.

Plink — cofounded by our much-loved former colleague Max Luthy — launched this month and is currently available in three fizzy flavors: Pomegranate & Blackberry, Pineapple & Grapefruit and Watermelon. All are made with natural colorings, just one gram of sugar and 14 calories per serving.

While its tablets are minimally packaged, they're individually wrapped in plastic-lined sachets to maintain flavor and freshness. Plink is working on a lower-impact solution.

Trend Bite

Dissolvable drinks aren't new. From recent brands like Nuun and Waterdrop back to Kool-Aid and Fizzies, people have been using tap water to create flavored drinks for eons.

And yet, over 1 billion plastic bottles are sold every day. As long as supermarket shelves continue to be stocked with canned and bottled drinks, there's room for new brands of dissolvables that appeal to new audiences. Functional like Nuun, or fun like Plink. Because behaving responsibly doesn't have to be boring ;-)