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Duolingo helps eager learners get adopted into strangers' family plans

While some subscription services are cracking down on password sharing, Duolingo is doing the opposite. It's helping people get adopted into Duolingo Family Plans that are paid for by total strangers. Each family plan has up to six slots which many groups don't fully use. So the language learning app built the Duolingo Adoption Center to connect learners with available spots.

Potential adoptees answer a few questions, and Duolingo uses their answers to create an adoption flyer. People then share those flyers on Twitter using #DuolingoAdoptionCenter to reach people willing to add them to their family plan. Those looking to adopt can scroll through the hashtag to see who's looking for a spot. Once they find a learner they'd like to add, they can message them on Twitter and share their unique family plan invite link.

Trend Bite

By allowing them to add strangers to their family plan, Duolingo is creating an easy way for its members to voluntarily help other language learners at no extra cost to themselves. And that social act ties in with the most common purpose of learning languages — connecting with others. 

A recent study found that people performing a small act of kindness consistently underestimated how much the recipient appreciated their gesture. Since kindness boosts the well-being of those who give as well as those who receive, how can your brand facilitate instants of mutually beneficial generosity?

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