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Dutch city of Haarlem is world's first to ban outdoor ads for meat

Because of meat's role in the climate crisis, the Dutch municipality of Haarlem is banning all out-of-home advertising for meat products. Haarlem is following in the footsteps of other cities and regions that prohibit the marketing of flights and fossil fuels — and those industries are also part of its regulatory change — but it seems to be the first to include meat.

The ban stems from a motion by green party GroenLinks. It will be implemented by changing the city's preconditions for the three out-of-home advertising companies that sell ads on Haarlem's billboards, transit shelters and other OOH formats. When contracts with those parties expire in 2024, 2025 and 2031, new agreements will no longer permit meat marketing.

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Working to mitigate the climate crisis is a matter of brand resiliency — if you don't change course proactively now, activists and regulators will change it for you. Whatever industry you're in, how can your business stay ahead of external pressure and even lead the way?

Most people have at least an inkling that they need to adjust their consumption behavior, but they don't always know where to start. How can you engage, inform and include them in your own path towards environmental responsibility?