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Reusable bottle brand Dopper adds public water taps to Google Maps

Reusable water bottles are everywhere. But when they're empty, people still resort to single-use bottles to quench their thirst. To fix the problem of where to fill up with H2O, Dopper has mapped every public water tap and fountain in the Netherlands. All users need to do is search for 'water tap' on Google Maps, and they'll find the closest source.

The initiative is the result of research commissioned by the Dutch water bottle maker and performed by behavioral change agency Tabula Rasa, which found that Dopper's customers were eager to make better use of their bottles but didn't know where to find public taps.

Aiming to remove that point of friction, Dopper teamed up with location intelligence specialist Localyse to pinpoint the location of 1,872 water taps. While existing apps like mymizu and Water-Map also help people find free sources of potable water, Dopper's Google Maps integration makes the data seamlessly accessible through Europe's most commonly-used navigation tool without needing to find or install a standalone app.

In 2023, Dopper plans to add locations for water taps in Belgium, Germany, France and Spain.

Trend Bite

Owning a reusable water bottle is only part of the solution to reducing plastic waste. After all, when people are on the go, they need a place to refill. By mapping water taps, Dopper adds a layer of convenience that makes it easier for people to stay the course when it comes to sustainability. Which digital or physical add-ons can your products offer to help consumers act on their intentions?