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EasyPaisa's banking app uses audio to help Pakistani women understand marriage contracts

According to Pakistan's National Commission on the Status of Women, two-thirds of the country's women don't know or understand what's in the Nikahnama — the traditional Islamic marriage contract — they're legally bound by. Literacy rates are around 48% for women, and those who can read often aren't given a copy of the contract before being asked to sign it on their wedding day.

Financial services provider EasyPaisa has launched a solution to bridge that knowledge gap. Within its regular mobile banking app, users can now find 'Audio Nikahnama,' which provides a comprehensive explanation of all elements of the Nikahnama. The information is offered as audio in seven languages, and also in sign language. Women who don't have access to the app can dial 03411171222 for a free call-back.

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By providing information in audio format and multiple languages, EasyPaisa is leveraging technology to make vital legal details accessible to all. The service acknowledges the traditional context of the Nikahnama while offering a modern, user-centric solution that boosts comprehension and transparency.

Tieing in with EasyPaisa's core business, financial literacy — like basic legal knowledge — is a cornerstone of empowerment. Audio Nikahnama could serve as a gateway to financial education, particularly for women who've been excluded from decisions related to their family's finances.

From legal information and financial literacy to health education and climate smarts, there's a massive potential for companies to unlock vital information for their customers, and not only for underserved populations. How could your brand empower people with the knowledge they need to thrive?