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Detergent brand Surf launches business course for entrepreneurial Filipino moms

Aiming to help women in the Philippines put their street smarts — their 'wais' — to good use, laundry detergent brand Surf is hosting a free, yearlong entrepreneurial program for aspiring business owners: Wais U.

Surf partnered with online community Filipina Homebased Moms to develop a comprehensive program covering topics like revenue models, the differences between traditional and digital entrepreneurship, identifying a target audience, finance and social media marketing. All with the goal of getting wais women to start their own businesses.

Wais U is 100% free and open to everyone. Participants enroll online and join live webinars hosted on Facebook and YouTube. After completing the course and passing an exam, students receive a Wais U certificate. Completion also gives access to the Team Wais Facebook group for more hands-on training and community support.

Trend Bite

With Wais U, Unilever-owned Surf has found a way to serve its core audience — moms and other women — and help them thrive. And it does so in a way that fits into their busy day-to-day lives.

Facing a future that's more uncertain than ever before, people are looking to brands and other non-governmental entities to help them build resilience. Surf has done so by partnering with Filipina Homebased Moms, but if you'd like to set up something similar, consider that your own organization likely contains expertise and skills that others would love to access. How can you open up that knowledge?