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Emergency e-bikes get Paris doctors to patients twice as fast

Like cities around the world, Paris suffers from serious road congestion, not helped by Parisians switching from public transport to cars as a result of the pandemic. In case of medical emergencies, time lost can mean lives lost. To help doctors reach patients faster, eco-mobility firm ecox partnered with Urgences Médicales de Paris and creative agency Wunderman Thompson to create Emergency Bikes.

Building on existing Urban Arrow cargo e-bikes, Emergency Bikes are customized to fit the needs of urgent care doctors in an urban setting. The robust bikes have a range of 160 km, feature insulated storage for medical supplies, a 140dB siren, integrated GPS tracker and long-range lights.

According to Ecox, Emergency Bikes allow emergency doctors to cross Paris faster than any other vehicle, up to twice as fast. In addition to slicing through traffic, they're easy to park, too. Replacing cars with bikes is an obvious way of making cities more liveable, and speedy e-bikes aren't just for pizza deliveries and rushed commuters. Which urban problems can you fix with two-wheeled solutions?

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