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Encouraging friends to finally meet up for dinner, Stella Artois splits the bill

People bump into friends and vow to get together. All the time. But life and schedules get in the way, and those good intentions don't make it into hard-and-fast plans. To get the ball rolling, Stella Artois' new Vamos Marcar campaign in Brazil offers to split restaurant bills when that dinner date actually comes to fruition.

On the beer brand's website, customers pay BRL 50 for a dinner voucher that can be used in selected restaurants. Stella Artois pitches in another BRL 50, bringing the total value of the voucher up to BRL 100. Each customer may purchase up to two vouchers, to be used in different restaurants.

A key element of Vamos Marcar is that all participating restaurants are led by women, building on Uncomfortable Food, an earlier initiative by Stella Artois that focused on increasing visibility and equity for female chefs in Brazil.

Trend Bite

While connecting digitally is fast and frictionless, getting together IRL requires substantially more effort. But carving out time and space for friends and loved ones helps nurture relationships and forge deeper connections. By presenting a financial incentive, Stella Artois is nudging people to finally make those plans, all while supporting women-led restaurants serving its beer. What can your brand offer to facilitate human connection and strengthen social ties?