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Expanding beyond autism, Amazing15 matches employers with neurodivergent high-performers

Decades ago, HR teams started realizing the overlooked potential of people with autism. Innovative enterprises jumped in to provide services that promoted people on the autism spectrum for jobs, often in software testing and quality control. Vienna-based Specialisterne was one of those companies, but — in response to a societal shift — has just been rebranded as Amazing15.

The 15 in the newly adopted name refers to the estimated percentage of the population that's neurodiverse, encompassing not just autism but also ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. Amazing15's mission revolves around fostering environments where neurodivergent individuals can thrive by leveraging their singular abilities — from high attention to detail and logical thinking to creativity and problem-solving skills — in roles where they can make true impact.

Trend Bite

Diagnosis of autism and ADHD has seen a sharp uptick over the past years, especially among adults, a rise that's in lockstep with growing societal awareness of neurodiversity.

While neurodivergent folks still face stigma and discrimination, organizations are opening up to the fact that employing a diversity of brain types can boost innovation and build a competitive advantage. A study by tech recruitment firm Sparta Global found that neurodiverse teams show higher adaptability; incorporating different perspectives and problem-solving approaches makes them better positioned to respond to change.

While agencies like Amazing15 have a valuable role in advocating for deeper awareness of diverse talent, the far better option would be for workplaces and hiring processes to be neuroinclusive by default. Is your brand harnessing the full spectrum of human potential by nurturing those who are wired differently? If not, you're missing out ;)

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