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Fairphone rewards careful phone users with lower monthly rental fees

Ethical phone brand Fairphone has added a rental service to its offerings: Fairphone Easy. Rental periods start at three months for EUR 34 per month up to 60 months for EUR 21 per month for a Fairphone 4. That's just for the device — users need to set up their own phone plan with a network provider.

If a user damages their phone or it stops working for any other reason, repairs are free of charge, and Fairphone will swap the busted phone for a replacement within 48 hours.

Every Fairphone Easy subscription comes with a protective case and a screen protector, and not without reason. Much like insurance companies offer good driver discounts or a no-claims bonus, Fairphone rewards customers for taking good care of their phones. For every damage-free year, their monthly subscription fee drops, with discounts of up to EUR 8 per month for three years without repairs.

Fairphone Easy is currently only available in the Netherlands.

Trend Bite

By making repairs part of the deal while also rewarding customers for treating their devices with care, Fairphone is pushing for longevity — keeping every phone in use for longer. Since repairs are offered at no cost, customers are less likely to weigh their options when it comes to damage. Instead of debating whether to repair or 'just' buy a new phone, they can easily swap it for a replacement.

Once a rental period is up, users send their phone back to Fairphone, which ensures it's reused by another customer or properly recycled. As the Dutch brand points out, on average, smartphone  users keep their phones for 2 to 3 years, and just 15% of phones are collected for recycling once they're no longer used. Longer use and increased recycling means fewer resources wasted.

How can your brand fuse convenience with circularity?

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