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Faith In Nature becomes first company to put Nature on its board of directors

Last week, Faith in Nature announced its newest director: Nature. The Scottish beauty and homecare brand is the world's first to give Nature a legal say in its business strategy by amending its company constitution to give the natural world the same voting rights as any other company director. 

As Faith in Nature explains: "Nature will be represented on the board through a proxy role whereby a human who is legally bound to speak on behalf of the natural world, acts on behalf of Nature (much as a guardian acts on behalf of a child in the courts of law). The presence of this representative for Nature will fundamentally impact how we do business and ensure that Nature has a voice and a seat at the table on major business decisions."

The brand will provide that guardian with resources to consult with experts on anything from ingredient sourcing to packaging to make better-informed decisions that put the needs of Nature first. Its first appointed guardian is Brontie Ansell, director of Lawyers for Nature, one of the legal teams that helped Faith in Nature create this model, along with the Earth Law Center.

Convinced that other companies need to put their sustainability words into action, too, Faith in Nature has documented the entire legal process it went through and will freely share that guidance with anyone interested in bringing Nature to the table.

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Consumers aren't just paying close attention to the values companies preach but also to how they abide by those values. By pioneering the legal personhood of Nature in business, Faith in Nature is both giving the natural world a voice and creating the structural change needed to follow through. 

The brand is adding public transparency as an extra layer of accountability. As reported by The Guardian, "the company has committed to be transparent about its board decisions — even those that go against the representations made by the nature guardian — and to publish its reasons for making them."

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Spotted by: Vic Chapman