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Aug - Oct 2024

Bangkok, Amsterdam, New York

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A touring mini club, Fandangoe Discoteca invites people to dance out their grief

Covid, climate, bereavement, break-ups — from age-old causes to those specific to our time, everyone has reasons to grieve. One way to cope? Dance it out. The Fandangoe Discoteca is a mini disco cube created by artist Annie Frost Nicholson (fka The Fandangoe Kid) to help people maintain their mental health by processing grief in a novel way.

Starting with an iconic K67 modular kiosk designed by Saša Mächtig in 1967, Nicholson doused the unit in vivid colors and added a sound system. The disco fits a DJ and eight people and will travel from festivals in London and Milton Keynes in July and August to Berlin in September. 

The Fandangoe Discoteca was developed in partnership with The Loss Project, which seeks to support people in accepting loss as a part of life. It builds on Grief Raves, an earlier collaboration that invited people to get together and bring and play songs "that connect them to people they have loved and lost, songs for political grief, music for any kind of loss."

Dance floor in the disco cube, covered in bright colors and squares, circles and lines

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Dance is a regular part of funerals and mourning in many cultures. But not all ;-) By creating a safe and dedicated space, The Fandangoe Discoteca allows participants to shed societal inhibitions and engage in dance as a non-verbal medium of expression, fostering a sense of shared experience and unity in loss. Could your organization encourage and make room for communal catharsis?

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Spotted by: Vicki Loomes / Photos by: Joe Clark