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Fashion retailer Primark launches its first menopause collection

Designed to support women as they deal with menopause, Primark has developed a range of nightwear, underwear and base layers. The collection uses cooling yarns and temperature control to relieve hot flashes and sweating.

Primark is using fabric that absorbs heat from the surface of the skin during hot sweats. When the body rapidly cools back down, the material releases warmth to temper post-flash chills.

Similar items are sold by specialist brands, but at a cost many consumers can't afford, which the Irish fast fashion retailer is addressing with prices ranging from GBP 7 for a two-pack of briefs to GBP 12 for a sleeveless nightdress.

Trend Bite

Menopause is inevitable for anyone who menstruates, but it's long been taboo — either ignored, or relegated to confidential chats and stale sitcom jokes. That stigma is lifting, and having a major brand like Primark develop dedicated nightwear and underwear doesn't just offer a practical solution; it can help jumpstart conversations.

As a consumer-facing brand or an employer, how is your organization supporting people as they face menopause's physical and mental challenges? Don't forget to involve your target audience, as Primark did for their first menopause line.

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