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Febrisol's scratch-off stickers nudge HIV patients to take their daily meds

Designed by South African-born designer Ricky Stoch, FebriSol is a sticker that's attached to pill bottles, with scratchable circles that can be used to easily record if a dose has been taken. Scratch off the day, and a green check mark appears.

The stickers were specifically created with HIV/AIDS in mind. Taking antiretrovirals means people with HIV can live long and healthy lives. Skipping doses, however, can allow the virus to mutate into drug-resistant strains, which can be transmitted to others and could be catastrophic if spread widely. Combine the need for daily adherence with the approximately 38 million people currently living with HIV, and it's clear that helping them remember to take their pills could be a huge win.

Especially if the solution is as elegantly simple and broadly applicable as FebriSol. The scratch-off action is so familiar from other contexts that it's entirely intuitive, and making a green check mark appear creates a spark of positive feedback. As Stoch explained in an interview with Dezeen, "the scratch card metaphor adds an element of gamification and means that the patient doesn't need a pen or any other auxiliary tools to mark off the day."

Which friendly little behavioral nudges can you create for your customers?

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The TrendWatching content team