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Femitale: Sweatpants that hold a hot water bottle

Created by a woman seeking relief from endometriosis, Femitale is a loungewear brand that makes hot water bottles portable. Its sweatpants and belly wraps were designed to help people suffering from period pain, endometriosis and backaches by letting them easily strap a hot water bottle or heating pad to their body. Both products can hold 1.2 kg without sagging. 

Made of certified organic cotton using fair labor standards, Femitale's products provide a natural form of pain relief and the comfort that heat brings. Hot water bottles and heating pads can be carried both in the front and back, and the sweatpants and wrap fit snuggly enough to wear outside the home. The Austrian company kicked off last year as a crowdfunded project and recently relaunched with new designs. 

Besides being an innovative product that found a gap in the market, Femitale is one of a growing number of brands — often small, sometimes large — that are normalizing periods and conditions like endometriosis. Want to embed human values into your brand? Embrace the full spectrum of human experience, cramps and all.  

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The TrendWatching content team