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Femtech startup Daye launches world's first virtual period pain clinic

UK-based Daye is set to launch The Period Pain Clinic, which will offer personalized treatment plans for menstrual pain and related gynecological conditions. Daye says it's the world's first virtual period pain clinic. And the need is acute, since diagnosis delays for conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome can run five years or more, causing unnecessary suffering and severely impacting people's quality of life.

How it works? Those suffering from painful periods are asked to fill in a comprehensive medical questionnaire to narrow down potential causes of pain and other symptoms. The clinic's automated system then provides a personalized report that will help users determine if their symptoms match those of six conditions that could be affecting their period — including endometriosis and PCOS — after which Daye can connect them with vetted healthcare specialists. General insights are provided free of charge with additional support provided through three packages.

For GBP 24.99, users receive a list of tailor-made solutions to managing pain. This tier also includes a prescription fee that can be used towards CBD tampons and personalized contraception. For GBP 54.99, a  30-minute consultation with a sexual health nurse is added. A premium package is priced at GBP 199.99 and offers a 30-minute consultation with a pelvic pain specialist who can provide a diagnosis and examine treatment options. Women and those assigned female at birth can also download the report to discuss with their own doctor and hopefully shorten their path to treatment.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic drastically disrupted in-person healthcare, the use of telemedicine skyrocketed. Governments relaxed restrictions and promoted remote health services, and patients embraced virtual visits with their providers.

Continued expansion of telehealth is likely, particularly for specialized services like Daye's Period Pain Clinic. By streamlining processes and implementing increasingly sophisticated data analysis and other AI tools, targeted remote providers could help drastically reduce wait times, broaden access to care and improve patient outcomes.

Combining care from a wide array of experts — from sexual health nurses and fertility specialists to physiotherapists and nutritionists — Daye also taps into people's growing desire for a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. One to be inspired by?

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