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UK's first mental health shop opens its doors for 'everyday mental maintenance', on-demand

On Shoreditch High Street in London, Self Space just opened a storefront location to provide anyone with flexible and on-demand mental health care, allowing people to pop in for a session like they would for a haircut.

The startup's goal is to remove any perceived barriers to seeing a clinical psychologist or psychotherapist. Clients can usually book a same-day appointment, and the shop is open seven days a week. Options include one-on-one therapy, couples therapy, student sessions and executive coaching. Or just 'a good conversation with a qualified person'.

A short survey helps clients select a therapist that best matches their needs, and individual sessions start at GBP 60 for 30 minutes, with discounts for students and NHS workers. Self Space will be adding a second location in Manchester soon.

Trend Bite

The conversation around mental health is shifting, especially among younger generations. Celebrities are opening up about their own struggles, and TikTok videos with the hashtag #mentalhealth have racked up over 20 billion views.

With taboos fading, more people seek to build emotional resilience to deal with ongoing stressors, from political strife and climate anxiety to ordinary, everyday life. As Self Space puts it, their service is "not just for when people are feeling shit or overwhelmed — but for when they want to proactively work on their mental health. Just like they would go to the gym for their physical health."

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