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Fix, don't ditch that dishwasher: Murfy offers hassle-free repairs within 48 hours

Over the past half-century, appliances have become more sophisticated, efficient and — most of all — cheaper. Meanwhile, the cost of repair remained static or increased. So when an oven or washer breaks down, it's no wonder consumers opt for replacement over repair. French startup Murfy was created to disrupt that pattern. 

Murfy's service model leans heavily on ease and efficiency, powered by a booking platform that assures a technician will arrive within 48 hours. Customers book a time slot and pay a fixed fee, for example, EUR 90 for a dishwasher that no longer gets dishes clean. That fee includes on-site diagnosis, travel and labor, plus a six-month warranty. In 60% of cases, an appliance can be repaired within 30 minutes. If additional spare parts are required, customers receive a quote. Should they opt out, Murfy converts the fixed fee into a voucher towards one of its refurbished appliances; the same offer applies if an item is beyond repair.

Beyond obvious environmental benefits — repairing instead of replacing saves massive amounts of energy, raw materials and emissions — Murfy also stresses that repair and refurbishment create decent local jobs. By building a robust secondhand business alongside home repairs, the company provides a steady flow of employment both in its own workshops and on house calls. Through Murfy Académie, it hires candidates without prior experience and trains them at one of its five refurbishment workshops across France before sending them out on house calls.

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Buying a shiny, new replacement is fast and easy. The price is clear up-front, and consumers can usually have their new appliance delivered within a few days. Meanwhile, organizing a repair is anything but simple and replete with uncertainties: where to find a reliable technician, how long before they'll have time, how much it will cost, what if the appliance can't be repaired... 

Murfy cuts out the hassle and offers a transparent, seamless experience, bolstered by the quality assurance of training and employing its own technicians. All while appealing to people's concerns about the plight of our planet, planned obsolescence and the socio-economic repercussions of moving manufacturing jobs to other parts of the world. Repairing products is critical to building a circular economy. How could your brand pitch in?

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