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Following carbon labeling trial, Hilton hotels add more low-footprint dishes to menus

In May 2023, hotel chain Hilton started adding carbon labels to restaurant menus at 30 of its UK locations, with Hilton Brussels Grand Place joining in August. Both the British and Belgian initiatives rely on input from Sweden-based Klimato, which works with restaurants to calculate the carbon footprint of the food they serve and then communicate that information to customers.

After Hilton made climate impact part of people's dining decisions, it observed that customers started ordering more low-carbon and medium-carbon dishes. Now, as reported by Edie, that shift has prompted the hotel chain's menu development team to redesign its new autumn menus accordingly, with fewer high-carbon options. Of the dishes on this season's menus, 85% are ranked as low or medium impact using Klimato's methodology.

Trend Bite

Hilton's initiatives demonstrate that making sustainability an integral part of doing business is a two-way street. Once customers are provided with accurate and relevant information in a way that's easy to understand, they can make choices that loop back into a company's decision-making process, potentially creating a virtuous circle of responsible production and consumption. If your food business has been on the fence about carbon labeling, why not give it a try and let your customers convince you?

As Ellen Deboeck, General Manager at Hilton Brussels Grand Place, said when launching carbon labels on her hotel's menu: "The daily news makes us very aware of the impact of climate change all over the world β€” our time to act is now and we all need to play a part for change to happen. We want to offer a delicious menu as well as help our guests make more informed choices. That is where awareness and action starts!"