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For employees working remotely, skincare brand Deciem covers renewable energy credits

Skincare brand Deciem — which includes sub-brand The Ordinary — buys renewable energy or renewable energy certificates for power used in its stores, warehouses and offices worldwide. Since many of those offices were temporarily shuttered during the pandemic, and 25% of the company's staff still works remotely, Deciem decided to extend its energy policy from its own premises to its employees' homes.

The Estée Lauder-owned company isn't just supplying renewable energy credits to all remote workers going forward, but is backdating that coverage to March 2020, when staff moved from official offices to bedroom desks and kitchen tables.

Trend Bite

Brands have a habit of shifting responsibility for green behavior to individuals. But Deciem is lifting a bit of the collective burden instead. By turning green energy into an employee benefit, the brand helps workers lower their carbon footprint. And probably assuages a bit of their eco-guilt, too. Other organizations: in addition to copying Deciem's example, how can you embed eco-solace into your own internal policies and culture?

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Spotted by: Vicki Loomes