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For one week, Dutch museums let members lend personal passes to friends and neighbors

From the fabled Rijksmuseum to a museum about microbes, the Netherlands boasts a wide array of museums, most of which can be accessed free of charge by people in possession of the country's Museumkaart. This annual pass, priced at EUR 64.90 for adults and EUR 32.45 for those aged 18 or younger, requires a headshot of the cardholder and is strictly for personal use.

However, during this year's Museum Week — from 1–7 April 2023 — Dutch museums are intentionally waiving that photo identification requirement. In an effort to expand their visitor base, the cultural institutions are actively encouraging all 1.4 million Museumkaart holders to share their passes with neighbors, family members, colleagues or friends, allowing a wider audience to experience the nation's artistic and historical heritage.

Trend Bite

By going easygoing for a week, the Museumvereniging, which issues the Museumkaart, is inviting regular museum visitors to act as its ambassadors. Cardholders get to extend a bit of generosity, and free entrance might be just the nudge their friends need to check out an intriguing collection or the exhibition du jour (just not the soldout Vermeer blockbuster). 

Implementing temporary sharing initiatives like a photo identification waiver helps businesses create a sense of community, foster positive word-of-mouth and attract new customers who have experienced their products or services firsthand. Time to launch a 'sharing economy' campaign of your own?