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For safer walks, Follo monitors potential issues & checks in regularly

To help people feel safer when traveling on foot, Follo monitors their journey and regularly checks if they're ok.

The UK-based app uses four safety triggers: non-movement, sudden increase in speed, deviation from a route, or phone disconnection. If one of those is activated, Follo sends the user a notification asking them to confirm that they're safe. If the user doesn't respond or hits an 'Alert Key Contacts' button, a text message containing their last recorded location is sent to their key contacts.

The app isn't restrictive: if a user deviates by more than 50 meters from their route, a timed notification will pop up on their screen, to which they can respond 'I am safe' and 'Reroute,' and the app will automatically recalculate a new route from their current location. A 'Just Walk' mode accommodates meandering strolls by activating all safety triggers, excluding the one that tracks route deviation.

Follo isn't the only app focused on helping people feel safer when they're out walking, but unlike some others, it uses highly automated assistive intelligence — for example by sensing potential concerns along the way and eliminating the need to actively check in when a destination is reached. Follo launched in Q4 2021 and its safety features are free to use.

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Walking alone shouldn't be cause for anyone to worry about their personal safety. But as long it does, there's room for solutions like Follo. How can your brand or startup offer consumers confidence and peace of mind, tapping into that most basic human need of wanting to feel safe?