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Four Seasons Resort Maui hosts a sunscreen swap for World Oceans Day

Chemicals commonly found in sunscreens lead to coral bleaching and can decrease fertility in fish and other marine life. To get people to break up with their chemical sunscreens, Four Seasons Resort Maui is partnering with new suncare brand Project Reef.

On 8 June 2022, World Oceans Day, Project Reef will offer Maui residents and island guests a free tube of Project Reef Mineral SPF 30 sunscreen in exchange for a bottle of chemical sunscreen. Four Seasons will also start offering SPF 30 and SPF 50 versions free of charge from dispensers by its pool and beach and educate guests on the need to use ocean-friendly sun protection.

Project Reef was founded on Maui in March 2022. Its products aren't just reef-safe but also cruelty-free and vegan. For every purchase, one pound of plastic – the equivalent of 22 water bottles β€” is removed from oceans.

Trend Bite

Free products β€” or TRYVERTISING, as we dubbed the trend back in 2007 β€” will forever be the easiest way to sway consumers to try something new. Putting products in people's hands gets their attention and cuts through the white noise of message-based marketing.

Four Seasons' partnership with Project Reef makes total sense, too. The resort depends on beautiful beaches and vibrant ocean life to attract guests, and the sunscreen brand gets an opportunity to reach its target audience right when they're ready and willing to give its product a try.

Meanwhile, Maui is joining a small but growing group of destinations banning chemical sunscreens. In October 2022, Bill 135 will go into effect, prohibiting the sale, distribution and use of non-mineral sunscreens in Maui County.