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Low footprint dolls? French retailer King Jouet labels toys with straightforward eco-score

Carbon labels are becoming an increasingly common element in product descriptions, especially for food and travel. But what about toys...? King Jouet, a leading French toy retailer, recently introduced a 'Jouet Score,' just in time for the holiday shopping season. The new rating system aims to encourage eco-friendly toy consumption by evaluating toys based on three criteria: materials, packaging and manufacturing location.

Each toy receives a score between 1 and 5, with higher scores indicating a greater level of eco-responsibility. For example, a toy made in France of FSC-certified wood that is minimally packaged would rack up more points. Currently, King Jouet displays a Jouet Score for most toys in their Christmas catalog — notably, it didn't label items with a score lower than 2 — with plans to extend ratings to all in-store and online products. The retailer acknowledges its system's limitations: the score mainly focuses on design aspects and doesn't capture a toy's total environmental impact like a life-cycle assessment would.

Trend Bite

The Jouet Score highlights the growing importance of environmental responsibility in consumer choices and the clarity that metrics can provide. Shoppers are bombarded with endless options, and a straightforward, numerical rating system cuts through the noise. It can guide customers who already take sustainability into account and potentially ignite awareness in those who don't.

Meanwhile, applying scores to all products can also spur suppliers to adhere to higher environmental standards as brands strive to meet criteria and garner higher Jouet Scores. All you retailers out there: how could you foster a culture of LABEL-LED sustainability throughout your supply chains and straight on through to your customers?

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Spotted by: Fadila Merizak