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Futuremood, a brand of mood-altering sunglasses, launched in California this quarter

Futuremood, a brand of mood-altering sunglasses, launched in California this quarter. The brand’s first collection, Futuremood Auras, uses lenses that have been found to impact your mood, in scientific studies. The Auras are available in two frame styles and four lens colors, each evoking a distinct feeling: Blue, meant to refresh and recharge; green, for relaxation; yellow, for focus; and red, to energize. Customers receive an accompanying Spotify playlist and pack of incense matches with their glasses, based on the lens/mood they chose. Futuremood also advises customers not to wear the Auras while driving due to the “intense” effects. Each pair retails for USD 175.

Quick note: The scientific evidence Futuremood refers to – to back up its claims that these lenses can alter moods – isn’t rock-solid. So calling these sunglasses “wearable drugs” is a stretch.

That said, Futuremood’s trippy branding and animated site represent a fun and playful approach to a wider trend: AMBIENT WELLNESS. For several years, the TrendWatching team has seen more and more brands embed physical or mental health benefits into otherwise ordinary products. Futuremood’s sunglasses are a prime example because they’re not just sunglasses; they’re also mood-boosters (supposedly). IKEA’s Gunrid curtains go above typical curtain-duty to also purify the air. And with the pandemic making personal health even more of a priority, brands in every sector are exploring how they can tap into wellness needs. See Diesel’s new collection, which comes coated with antimicrobial technology. Could your brand roll out a product that does double duty: that performs its normal function and imparts a health benefit?

Stay healthy,

The TrendWatching content team