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G-Star RAW and Vollebak turn to minerals for earth-friendly dyes

From the cave paintings of Maros-Pangkep to Renaissance frescoes, humans have long sourced pigments from soil and stones. Now, clothing brands G-Star RAW and Vollebak are returning to that mineral lineage, harnessing the earth's resources to dye fabrics.

Vollebak's Mineral T-Shirts come in three shades, each dyed with a different material sourced from Italy's mineral deposits and earth: hematite, celadonite and volcanic soil. The brand's adoption of garment dyeing, where the entire garment is dyed post-assembly, is said to result in softer fabrics and colors. The technique avoids harsh chemicals, presenting a more sustainable alternative to conventional dyeing processes.

G-Star's 'Dyed by Minerals' collection also uses pigments extracted from volcanic rocks and soil, incorporating a cold-dyeing method that saves energy and imparts a vintage look to the garments. This technique, paired with 75% regenerative and 25% recycled cotton fabric, reflects a comprehensive approach to resource-efficient manufacturing.

Trend Bite

Slowly but surely, fashion brands are starting to integrate environmental responsibility into all stages of production. G-Star and Vollebak's innovative approaches reflect increasing consumer demand for sustainable products, preferably with origin stories to match.

For other brands looking to innovate in this direction: are there historical practices you could dig up and combine with modern environmental standards to create marketable, earth-friendlier solutions?