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GM offers one-on-one video calls to inform and guide potential EV buyers

In July 2022, the US became the latest country to pass what's viewed as a critical tipping point for mass adoption of electric vehicles: 5% of new car sales are powered only by electricity. While that percentage is a milestone, it also means 19 in 20 new cars still rely on internal combustion.

Which is why General Motors has launched an easily accessible educational program for anyone who is still on the fence about buying an EV. From GM's EV Live website, consumers can schedule a live tour with an EV specialist and learn about everything from range and charging to maintenance and costs. 

GM's EV Live tours will first be offered in a one-on-one format, with group tours and prerecorded sessions following in the future. All tours use one-way video: participants can see GM's specialists, but not vice versa.

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As Hoss Hassani, GM vice president of EV Ecosystem, explained: "GM wants to be the company that puts everyone in an EV, and we understand that vehicles are only part of the equation. We also need accessible and frictionless EV infrastructure and compelling education to make our all-electric future a reality."

When it comes to any new technology, people can harbor preconceptions that make them stick with what they know. How can your brand fill in those knowledge gaps and provide the guidance they need to make fully-informed decisions? Like GM, strive to keep the experience human, interactive and available on-demand from wherever consumers wish to connect.

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