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Goldwin has partnered with Spiber to produce a sweater using Brewed Protein™

Japanese technical apparel brand Goldwin has partnered with Japanese biotechnology venture Spiber to produce a sweater using Brewed Protein™. 'The Sweater’ was announced as the world's first knitted garment made using a biopolymer that is literally brewed into being, using a microbial fermentation process, and mimics the feel and quality of natural spider silk. Goldwin x Spiber's USD 800 sweater is 30% Brewed Protein and 70% wool, and produced in a limited run. Potential buyers can enter a lottery for a chance to purchase.

The Sweater is the third item produced by Goldwin and Spiber as part of a joint mission to provide innovative solutions to environmental issues. Not only biobased but also biodegradable, Brewed Protein fabrics won't break down into microplastics and don’t rely on petrochemicals or animals. Spiber is currently focusing on a transition to mass production, with a new plant in Thailand expected to begin commercial operation in 2021.

While sales of plant-based meat and dairy are growing at a healthy rate, using plant-based proteins for fabric is still a niche market. Given the availability of cheap petrochemical alternatives, it might not have the mass potential of food, but interesting opportunities nonetheless!

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