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Google gives Pixel 8 Pro phones to shelters for 'pawtraits' that help dogs find new homes

In a novel approach to addressing the challenges faced by animal shelters, Google's Pixel team created the Pixel Pawtraits Kit. The initiative aims to help rescued dogs find homes by equipping shelters with better tools for producing high-quality photos and videos. Why? Pixelated, blurry or poorly-lit images can hurt even the cutest canine's chances of being adopted.

Each kit features a Pixel 8 Pro (retail value USD 999), a backdrop stand, three backdrops, a tripod and a dog toy. Also included is a guide on how to use Pixel's AI-powered editing tools — like unblur and magic erasure — to create engaging images. Shelters in the US can apply via; Google will review each request but cannot guarantee every applicant will receive a kit. On its social media channels, Google Pixel is also showcasing rescue organizations nationwide, with portraits of the adoptable pups they care for.

Trend Bite

Humans are visual creatures and have likely become more so by spending countless hours on image-saturated social media. So, it's not a stretch to assume visually appealing images will increase an animal's chances of adoption. Through its Pixel Pawtraits Kit, Google supports shelters in their mission to find dogs new homes. Meanwhile, the initiative also allows for an irresistible introduction to the Pixel 8 Pro's AI-powered photographic prowess. Compute crossed with commerce and compassion — that's a mixed breed to be inspired by ;)

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