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Google Maps now lets businesses tag themselves as LGBTQ+ owned

Google just made it easier for consumers to support local queer businesses. In addition to noting whether their cafe or store is wheelchair-friendly or offers wifi, merchants can now add an 'LGBTQ+ owned' attribute to their business profile on Google Search and Maps.

For now, the feature is only available to locations in the US. It joins options for adding tags indicating a business is LGBTQ+ friendly, Black-owned, Latino-owned, veteran-owned or women-owned.

Phone screen showing Google Maps with tags including 'Identifies as LGBTQ+ owned'

Trend Bite

As Google points out, "The LGBTQ+ community represents nearly 8% of the total adult American population, with 20% of Gen Z identifying as a member of the community."

Profile attributes like Google's — and a similar one introduced by Yelp in May 2021 — are the online equivalent of rainbow flags and window stickers adorning shops and restaurants. Whether digital or IRL, which signals can your brand add to help people to find their community or show their allyship?