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GPT-4 works as virtual pair of eyes for visually impaired people

Since launching in 2015, Be My Eyes has supported blind and low-vision people by connecting them with human volunteers who help identify and interpret the physical world. The Danish organization is now set to take a giant leap by collaborating with OpenAI. Enter the Virtual Volunteer, a new feature within the Be My Eyes app that uses GPT-4's visual input capabilities to simulate a human volunteer.

Besides being able to serve many more people, Virtual Volunteer offers its users greater independence. No more waiting for a human helper to be available — the AI-powered tool provides detailed recognition and actionable insights almost instantaneously. Users might also feel comfortable presenting objects or contexts to a bot that they'd be reluctant to share with another person.

The app's usability extends to digital spaces, too. While traditional screen readers offer linear access to web content, GPT-4 can analyze and summarize online text, identifying essential information and simplifying tasks like scanning the news or shopping online. Following positive results from a small-scale beta test, the GPT-4-backed assistant is expected to roll out to Be My Eyes users in the coming weeks.

Trend Bite

With its vast conversational and analytical abilities, generative AI has the potential to help all kinds of people tackle the daily obstacles they face — whether those challenges stem from a visual impairment or an overloaded schedule. For example, check out Milo (an AI co-pilot for parents) and note that Be My Eyes is open to working with corporate partners.

Smart brands will figure out how to use tools like GPT-4 to offer practical support to their customers while anticipating their needs and preferences. How could your organization tap into those AI superpowers to decrease friction, remove pain points and empower every segment of your audience? Marketing as a service is about to go into overdrive ;)