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Great British Bake Off welcomes its first vegan contestant

Joining the twelfth season of The Great British Bake Off is the hit show's first vegan contestant: Freya Cox, who at nineteen is also this year's youngest baker. According to her bio: "A year ago, Freya began making plant-based versions of classic bakes for her dad β€” now it’s her goal to bake so that no one can tell the results are vegan."

The UK baking contest has a massive audience worldwide, and a vegan contestant means millions of viewers will be exposed to the possibilities of whipping up delectable creations without using animal products.

Trend Bite

Considering livestock kept for meat and dairy is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, people need to dial back their consumption of animal products. And that includes folks who shudder at the word vegan. A spoonful of sugar in the shape of familiar entertainment might just be the nudge they need.