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HAVN e-bike charging units with built-in storage

Antwerp-based Streetwaves has developed a combined parking, storage and charging unit for e-bikes. The HAVN is a steel cabinet with a lid that the user's own bicycle lock is looped through, securing both the storage locker and the bike. Inside is a standard power socket, so cyclists no longer need to bring bikes or batteries indoors for charging, and removable batteries can be safely locked away while charging. The storage space, meanwhile, provides the added convenience of not having to carry helmets or other gear into meetings, shops and restaurants. 

Streetwaves has finalized testing and is now selling its first HAVNs, aiming to produce 400-500 units in 2021. The company is mainly targeting building owners and managers, and explains that sacrificing one car parking space creates room for 7 HAVN spots. 

Micromobility is the future of urban transportation, as cities deincentivize car travel in favor of quiet, compact and green solutions that decrease congestion and pollution. Bicycle infrastructure is a key part of that transition, and we expect to see many more innovative companies move into this space. Whether you're in retail, urban planning or housing development, it's one to  explore!