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Helsinki's Kaffa Roastery unveils AI-conic: the world's first AI-designed coffee blend

Generative AI is rapidly reshaping every industry, and F&B is no exception. From Finland comes what's claimed to be the world's first coffee blend crafted with the assistance of artificial intelligence. A roaster in Helsinki turned to AI to develop a unique coffee blend, marrying the latest machine learning technology with the traditional craft of coffee roasting.

The new AI-conic blend was created through a collaboration between Kaffa Roastery and Elev Consulting, a local firm specializing in AI applications. Kaffa provided data on its top-selling blends, which Elev fed into a large language model. The AI then analyzed the data and proposed an optimized coffee blend combining beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Trend Bite

AI-conic highlights the potential of generative AI to shake up product development. The technology provides even the smallest brands with research and development tools that were once the exclusive domain of corporate behemoths. Coffee roasters, beer brewers and other producers can now augment their human skills and experience with a bot's vast analytical capabilities — allowing them to surprise and delight customers with solutions they might not have dreamt up on their own.