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Honeywell released two hygiene kits for both airline passengers and crews

International conglomerate Honeywell released two Honeywell Safety Packs, hygiene kits for both airline passengers and crews, this month. Honeywell brought its various businesses together – in aerospace, health and pharma, and more – to develop the packs, which can be branded by the airlines using them. Designed to provide protection in public spaces, the passenger packs contain single-use gloves, hand wipes and face masks. For crews, airlines can opt for reusable packs that come with safety glasses and face masks with interchangeable filters. The Honeywell Safety Packs are part of a larger initiative to address consumers’ health concerns as they reduce social distancing.

The so-called New Normal has crossed over into every category – even branded swag. So goodbye, mints and pretzel bags and pens. Hello, safety packs! 

In all seriousness, few sectors will transform as much as travel. After all, most countries on Earth have adopted travel restrictions and passenger revenue is expected to be just 45% of what it was in 2019. Which is prompting brands like Honeywell to outdo themselves when it comes to sanitization, and coax wary travelers into taking trips again. Hilton, for example, is capitalizing on the Lysol name to reassure guests, while airports like Hong Kong International are setting up full-body disinfection booths

Even if you’re not a Fortune 100 behemoth like Honeywell, you can still explore how your organization’s different functions – disparate as they may seem – could unite to innovate. Also, get inspired by how Honeywell rolled out its product to address both airlines’ and their passengers’ changing needs. Can you play the two sides of the field, B2B and B2C, with a single innovation? 

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