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Hoopsy introduces paper pregnancy tests to slash single-use plastics

In March 2021, we covered Lia as it introduced the world's first flushable, biodegradable pregnancy test. Lia is on a production hiatus, but newcomer Hoopsy is stepping up with a similar product to reduce needless plastic waste.

Innovation Update

Anyone who's ever used a home pregnancy test knows it's a lot of plastic for a product that's only used once. And people trying to conceive can go through many more than they'd like.

Those millions of tests add up to mountains of waste, which Lara Solomon realized after undergoing an unsuccessful IVF treatment. So, Solomon decided to create a more sustainable alternative. Hoopsy, her Sydney-based startup, is a new brand of eco pregnancy tests made of 99% paper and promising 99% accuracy.

Named for the Dutch word for 'hope' — applicable to all users, whether they're rooting for a positive result or a negative one — the midstream tests come in packs of 3, 5 or 10, retailing for GBP 14.99 to GBP 39.99. Hoopsy opened for UK preorders in June and will be available in its native Australia from October 2022.

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Spotted by: Stijn Janssen