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New hotel booking platform SleeperCharger guarantees EV drivers a charger for the night

The average range of new EVs continues to increase and is now well over 300 km — more than enough for both casual drivers and those with a serious commute. Where things get sticky is on longer, multiday trips. A new hotel booking site aims to ease people's holiday range anxiety, allowing them to "Arrive empty, plug in and relax."

Based in the Netherlands, SleeperCharger includes a full range of accommodations, from business hotels in major cities to seaside villas and wellness resorts. All properties have one thing in common: at least one EV charger. When a guest makes a booking, SleeperCharger messages the property, reserves the charger for them and asks for confirmation. The day a guest is set to arrive, the platform reminds the hotel or resort that a charger has been reserved.

The startup will also place chargers at small properties to be able to offer customers unique, locally-run options. SleeperCharger is currently available in Dutch, English and German, and travelers can choose from 60,000 hotels with a guaranteed charger within 250 meters.

Trend Bite

A global survey conducted by EY in May 2022 found that "a lack of charging stations replaced high upfront cost as the top inhibitor to purchase EVs," with 34% of respondents stating that insufficient charging stations in their city or on their route was their reason for not buying a plug-in vehicle.

Extensive charging networks are essential for the adoption and normalization of EVs as a new mode of transportation. Until they're as common as gas stations, that spells opportunities for entrepreneurs that can remove pain points for the growing ranks of all-electric drivers.