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In Argentina, ibuprofen brand Actron creates musical relief for physical and mental pain

When is the last time you felt pain? And what brings you relief? Ibuprofen brand Actron recently placed a comfortable booth in Plaza Houssay in Buenos Aires and invited passersby to talk about their afflictions, both physical and emotional.

People spoke about muscle aches and losing a parent. They also shared their sources of relief: being in nature, hearing their cat purr, listening to music. Their observations were analyzed by a physician, a psychologist and a few musicians. The goal? To find 'La melodía del alivio', or the melody of relief.

Musicians Pedro Aznar and Goyo Degano went into a studio and recorded a calming and gently uplifting tune that aims to provide Argentinians with a moment of relief. Over the past weeks, Actron has shared a making-of on social media, where it should soon release the entire song.

Trend Bite

Over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen is generally used to alleviate physical pain. But as an expert remarks in one of Actron's behind-the-scenes videos, physical and emotional pain activate the same parts of the brain.

With its new melody, Actron wants to relieve both types of suffering and underscore that everyone needs to insert moments of self-care into their daily life, whether by taking a walk or listening to a soothing tune. Which empathic tools could your brand develop to help ease whatever's weighing on your audience?