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In Fortnite's first indigenous land map, gamers protect the forest and its people

Bridging gaming and environmental activism, the first map of indigenous lands is being brought to Fortnite. Developed by Leo Burnett Tailor Made with Latin American e-sports team Hero Base for conservation NGO SOS Amazônia, O Mapa Originário weaves socio-environmental realities faced by indigenous communities into gaming, aiming to foster a wider understanding of forest conservation and indigenous rights.

Players confront challenges mirroring those in the real world: they extinguish forest fires, obstruct illegal logging, replant native trees and clean up rivers. Navigating these obstacles immerses players in the struggles and resilience of indigenous communities, generating empathy while educating. The project aims to turn Generation Z — our future leaders — into environmental warriors. 

Scheduled for public release on 9 August 2023, International Indigenous Peoples Day, the gaming-for-good initiative was first made available to young members of the Huni Kuáż– People of the Brazilian state of Acre and a limited number of streamers.

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At their core, games allow players to inhabit different personas and explore new worlds. Leveraging that transformative quality, O Mapa Originário immerses players in the realm of indigenous peoples and the lands they're fighting to protect. Which allows SOS Amazônia to reach and resonate with new audiences on a visceral, meaningful level. How can your organization harness engrossing entertainment to evoke a deeper understanding and connection with the cause you stand for?