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In the UK, 'Zero Bills' homes guarantee no energy costs for at least 5 years

Utility company Octopus Energy and housing developer Bellway have announced a partnership to construct 250 'Zero Bills' houses in the UK, a project that promises to eliminate energy bills for homeowners for at least five years. The homes will feature air-source heat pumps, home batteries and solar panels — all of which will be optimized through the Kraken platform Octopus developed for a decarbonizing energy sector. Beyond environmental benefits, the initiative also presents financial advantages, saving homeowners around GBP 1,800 annually on energy bills.

Bellway Homes, a leading housebuilder in the UK, is the first major developer to join Octopus in its highly ambitious goal to develop 50,000 Zero Bills homes globally by 2025. The partnership is kicking off with three Zero Bills homes at Bellway's Victoria Gate development in Stafford, which will go on the market in December 2023. Another 250 are planned for Bedfordshire in 2024, with, as Bellway adds, 'the potential for more sites to follow soon.'

Trend Bite

In a November 2023 Ipsos survey, 38% of respondents across 29 countries identified inflation as their primary concern. Inflation has topped the chart for 20 consecutive months, the longest an issue has held that spot since Ipsos started tracking 'What Worries the World.' And higher energy prices account for a substantial chunk of that inflation for most consumers. By guaranteeing zero energy costs for at least five years, Octopus Energy and Bellway aren't just offering savings, but the peace of mind of one less bill to worry about.

Consumers increasingly face the dilemma of balancing their immediate needs — financial or otherwise — with their desire to make responsible choices. While inflation tipped the scales towards frugality for most, savings and sustainability aren't mutually exclusive. As people navigate this quandary, brands have the opportunity to position themselves as allies with a shared commitment to responsible consumption. Is your brand developing products and services that are easier on both wallets and the planet, for value that extends beyond price tags?