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Indima uses AI to evaluate a refugee's foreign qualifications, shortening path to skilled jobs

For refugees settling in a new country, professional credentials and experience are often lost in translation. Diplomas and certifications earned back home become useless due to complex bureaucratic processes for verification. Austrian startup Indima aims to change that with an AI platform that smooths the path to labor market integration.

Indima's tool, which is currently in beta, cuts through the red tape by automating the assessment of foreign qualifications. Scanned diplomas, transcripts and CVs are analyzed by artificial intelligence to recognize and interpret each individual's skills and training. From there, Indima can match refugees with employers seeking specific expertise, finally allowing a skilled engineer or IT specialist to put their talents to work.

The genius is in how simple yet powerful the solution is. Rather than having paperwork get bogged down for months by overwhelmed government agencies, Indima provides an on-ramp for migrants to quickly land opportunities aligned with their qualifications.

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Whether fleeing war, persecution or the effects of climate change, millions of people are displaced every year and many arrive in new countries skilled in trades from healthcare to construction but struggle to have those qualifications recognized.

When human capital goes untapped on that scale, it's a lose-lose. Host countries miss out on workers who could help address labor shortages, and hard-working individuals get trapped in cycles of underemployment despite being proficient in their fields. Could your brand follow Indima's lead and leverage AI to benefit both society and individual newcomers?

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