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Indonesia is now converting motorcycles from fossil-fueled to electric

Indonesia has a high ratio of motorcycles to people — over 112 million motorcycles for 270 million people. While all those two-wheeled vehicles make for agile rides through congested city streets, they also create a massive amount of pollution. 

Which is why Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is converting motorcycles from combustion engines to electric. 

The program's pilot launched earlier this month and will be converting 100 motorcycles by November. In subsequent phases, the government will involve small businesses across Indonesia to speed up the process, and get vocational schools to offer specialized training. The country has set a target of 13 million electric motorbikes — including converted ones — on roads by 2030.

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Sustainable innovation isn't just in the hands of smart new startups. To have any chance at abating the climate crisis, governments will need to take an increasingly proactive role. And in most cases — like Indonesia's motorcycle conversion program — those initiatives will create opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to align purpose and profit.