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Industry leaders partner on Renovation Revolution to future-proof European building stock

Buildings are at the heart of Europe's energy and emissions challenge, consuming 40% of energy and producing 36% of greenhouse gases. But while the International Energy Agency set a target renovation rate of 2.5% to reach net zero by 2050, the continent's current rate languishes at 1%. When business as usual doesn't cut it — it's time for a revolution.

Spearheaded by international NGO Climate Group, the Renovation Revolution is rallying businesses, sub-national governments and environmental sector non-profits to dramatically increase deep renovation rates across Europe's commercial and public sectors. The initiative aims to harness innovation to reduce energy use and cut emissions, and forge collaborations to overcome financial and regulatory obstacles currently blocking the way to net zero, energy security, improved health and cost savings. 

The Renovation Revolution's founding members are VELUXCBREDanfossRockwool and Signify.

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Collaborations are powerful catalysts for change. By leveraging their combined resources, influence and networks, CBRE, Danfoss, Rockwool, Signify and VELUX can push all stakeholders — businesses, landlords, tenants, banks and policymakers — to accelerate their efforts towards Europe's crucial renovation goals.

Who could your company partner with to speed up what's been lagging in your industry? How might you build a united front to drive innovation and positive change? And don't forget about cross-sector collaborations. Practices that are standard in one industry can inspire transformation in another, broadening the impact of partnerships beyond their immediate spheres.