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London-based fashion brand Hush launches a summer collection designed by interns

Hush is launching its first-ever womenswear collection designed by interns. The capsule was created as part of the British brand's paid, year-long internship program and features a vibrant Vernon Panton-inspired floral as well as laidback basics in more neutral tones.

This Intern Collection was designed and developed by five interns who started in 2020 and worked within Hush's design, buying, merchandising, garment technology, sustainability and marketing teams. The initiative will run annually, with the current crop of interns now preparing next year's collection.

The 2022 capsule will be available through Hush's website starting this week, and 20% of profits will go to Hackney Empire's Creative Futures Program, which supports young artists and creatives.

Trend Bite

It's safe to say that employers need to step up to retain their workforce: a 2021 survey found more than half of global Gen Z workers were considering leaving their current employer in the next year. Part of that upheaval is down to simple economics: in a hot labor market, it can pay to switch jobs. But work is about more than a paycheck — employees crave purpose and personal appreciation, too.

By putting interns in the spotlight, Hush is both tapping into fresh talent and demonstrating that workers of all ranks are valued and respected. For more on putting employees on a (virtual) pedestal, check out our IN-FLUENCERS trend briefing!